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          Load Cells
          Strain Gauge
          Pressure Transmitter
          Flow Switch
          Torque Sensor
          Lifting Industry Sensor
          Digital Indicator
          Junction Box
          Ultrasonic Sensor
          Magnetostrictive Level Sensor
          Temperature Transmitter
          Proximity Sensor
          Rotary Transducer
          ※ Ultrasonic Sensor
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          Technical data

          General Specifications

          Sensing distance                                       30…500mm

          Adjustment range                                      50…500mm

          Unusable area                                           0…30mm

          Standard target plate                                100mm×100mm

          Transducer frequency                               About 380 kHz

          Response delay                                         About 50ms

          Indicators/Operating means      

          LED blue                                                    Power on

          LED yellow                                      indication of the switching

                                                                  state Flashing:program

                                                                  function object detected

          LED red                                           permanently red: Error Red,

                                                                 flashing:program function,

                                                                  object not detected

          Electrical specifications

          Operating voltage UB                         10…30VDC,ripple10%ss

          No-load supply current                       ≤45mA


          Output type                                1 analogue output 0…10V

          Resolution                                  0.11mm at max.sensing range

          Deviation of the characteristic

          curve                                                 ±1% of full-scale value

          Repeat accuracy                               ±0.1% of full-scale value

          Load impedance                                >1k Ohm

          Temperature influence                      ±1.5% of full-scale value

          Ambient conditions

          Ambient temperature                        -25…70°C

          Storage temperature                        -40…85°C

          Mechanical specifications


          Protection grade                               IP67

          Connection                                       Connector M12x1,4-PIN


             Housing                                          brass,nickel-plated

          Transducer                                       epoxy resin/hollow glass

                                                                   sphere mixture; Polyurethane foam

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